Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coffee Song

...sung to the tune of, "Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel
words by Andy Upchurch, coffee junkie.

hello coffee, my old friend
it's good to drink you once again
just this morning i was thinking
that my caffiene intake was sinking
and my eyes were drooping in a haze
I won't delay
it is the song of coffee

so to the coffee pot i go
to brew the go-jo, don't you know
i put the filter in and start the drip
i can hardly wait to take a sip
to feel the stimulant coursing through my veins
it's such a shame
to be a slave to coffee

and now the sweet aromas rise
my coffee cup, a super-size
i should fill it up to the brim
a little overdose is not a sin
besides i haven't had a drink since this time yesterday
i hate to say
i am in love with coffee

i wish this thing would hurry up
to fill my empty coffee cup
why does it always have to take so long
another minute and i might be gone
does a watched coffee pot brew slower than the rest
i must confess
i need my fix of coffee

and now the final drops are done
my battle with the wait is won
you taste so good i'm thinking when i'm done
i'll have another cup that's twice the fun
i'll be buzzing for an hour and the shakes until three-oh-five
i feel alive
it is the curse of coffee

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